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shemale phone sex

Chickies With Dickies

shemale phone sex

shemale phone sex

Only $10 for a 5 Minute Call then $2.00 per min after

*We do not accept Prepaid Gift Cards

You must be 18+ years old to call

Pay by Telephone and enter all of your own details without a live receptionist knowing your credit card information. This gives YOU more control over what you spend. No one ever sees your full account number, only the last 4 digits. All information is done via secure servers.

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We are a No Taboo Service which means that any topic or shemale fantasy you'd like to discuss is allowed and welcomed. We do not place limits on a fantasy or a conversation. You have complete freedom to explore everything you can dream up. All of our lovely shemales are speaking to you from their homes. No one but you and your kinky ladyboy will know what you have spoken about.